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The Coming Home Network was established to help non-Catholic Christians, clergy and laity, discover the truth and beauty of the Catholic Church.

As a network of converts, reverts, and life-long Catholics, it is our goal to help each other and all Christians hear and answer the universal call ‘«£to the fullness of the Christian life and to the perfection of charity‘«ō (LG 40). In doing this, we hope to assist the Catholic Church in fulfilling her mission of evangelization and Christ‘«÷s call for Christian unity, as proclaimed by St. John Paul II in his encyclical, ‘«£That They May Be One‘«ō (Ut Unum Sint).


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Nathaniel Hurd didn't believe in God as a young man, but it wasn't necessarily because he was hostile to faith; he just didn't take the idea seriously.
Why should we think about death, especially our own death?
When someone enters the Catholic Church, there's often a great deal of excitement about the new world of faith that has opened up for them.
Dr. Ray Guarendi was raised Catholic, but there was a lot he never learned, or if he did learn it, it didn't sink in.
Why has J.R.R. Tolkien, best known for his fiction, been so instrumental in drawing so many people to the Catholic Church?
As the oldest of 12 kids, Shaun Reiley's Christian family instilled in him a respect for life from as far back as he can remember. However, he wasn't sure what to make of Catholics, other than the fact that he knew that they were pro-life.
"I realized that there were certain Bible verses I could no longer preach around."
"A relationship with Christ is the greatest romance you will ever have."
As a former atheist who became Catholic, one of the things that drew Nathaniel Hurd to the Church was its consistent teaching on the dignity of the human person.
Al discovered the Jesus of the New Testament, and had a "born-again" experience that led him first to become a Protestant pastor, and eventually back to the Catholic faith of his youth.
Throughout his life, Dr. John Bergsma had a strong relationship with Jesus, from his days as the son of a military chaplain to his time serving as a Christian Reformed minister.
Raised Catholic, Dr. Francis Beckwith drifted away from the Catholic Church and toward Evangelical Christianity in his teenage years.
As she was preparing for her confirmation on Pentecost, Sister Maria Theotokos decided to do a Marian pilgrimage to Lourdes. It was there, praying in an adoration chapel, that she was struck by a painting of the Upper Room.
Though raised Catholic, Jeff Cavins didn't really "get" the idea of the Holy Spirit until an experience at a Catholic Charismatic conference when he was 18. In his youthful zeal, he decided that the Church he'd grown up in was stifl...
In preparation for our upcoming Deep in History Pilgrimage to Italy this September, the Coming Home Network will be hosting a live online webinar on the topic of being 'Deep in History'.
Dr. Ian Murphy, a former baptist minister, shares how the idea of magisterial authority in the Church didn't restrict him as a Christian; rather, it gave him freedom in Christ.
Though raised Catholic, John Knutsen didn't really believe in God, and when his brother died of AIDS, he decided he was done with religion forever.
Popular pilgrimage guide Steve Ray, a Baptist who became Catholic, reflects on how he came to understand the Catholic idea of pilgrimage, compared to the way he understood religious travel before.
Many Christians who are frustrated with denominationalism wish they could just go back to the early Church and start Christianity over from scratch.