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This Q & A was recorded on 14 October 2018 from the talk: Be A Man as part of the Family Conference hosted by the Croatian Catholic Community.
Pope Francis, at his general audience, asked Catholics to meditate on Christ's crucifixion as a sign of God's love.
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Jesus said yes to the Father's plan to lay down his life for us, even though he could see everything he was about to go through.
The Priest's hands are anointed to heal humanity - a fragile humanity in need of Christ's loving touch! Special thanks to Fr. Alan Joseph Adami for this interview! Music: hooksounds.com 2018 All Rights Reserved True Light Catholic Med...
When someone enters the Catholic Church, there's often a great deal of excitement about the new world of faith that has opened up for them.
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"In our culture we talk a lot about sex, we boast a lot about sexual experiences... and we are hit with it from every angle, however, many of us do not stop to think about sex." - Simon Carrington Maltese-Australian newlyweds Simon and M...
"The number one person I had to protect Madeleine from, was actually me, because I had the greatest ability to use or to manipulate or to twist her, because she had allowed me to come so close to her in love." - Simon Carrington Maltese-...
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Fr Peter Brockhill is the Parish Priest of St Francis Xavier Parish in Marton, New Zealand.
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The Hosanna Foundation does an amazing job to help heal broken lives through the faith. This interview, with the founder of this wonderful project, delves deep into their story and mission.
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Sr Dianne Bergant shares reflections from Pope Francis' "Misericordia et Misera."
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Join Fr Ricardo Pineda as he renews your faith and shows you all the great gifts God has given us!
What is the key to a successful marriage? Would you believe that it's death?
"Apply the ultimate love test to that relationship!" Maltese-Australian newlyweds Simon and Madeleine Carrington are chastity speakers and the founders of Fire Up Ministries! Together they are on a mission to share the Catholic Church...
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In the winter of 2010, this statue of the Virgin Mary was found, broken in half, lying next to a dumpster, because she was being thrown away. The man who found this holy statue rescued her and took her home.
What is the opposite of Love? Selfishness.
Adam and Eve were the original match made in Heaven. Then Satan entered the scene to attack marriage. Spiritual Leadership Workshops by Katie Warner.
"A relationship with Christ is the greatest romance you will ever have."
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Fr. Leo Patalinghug knows how to make even complicated things easy and appetizing. Epic Food Fight uses a "theology of food" to explain the history of salvation, the cosmic struggle between good and evil.