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Support the channel by visiting Music provided by Paul Jernberg. Find out more about his work as a composer here: It's not enough to have a creed. We have a creed. We are right about ultimate t...
New things are coming to the internet... SOCIAL MEDIA: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Podcast: INTERESTED IN BECOMING A FRIA...
For a number of years, Celso Tavares was a successful pastor and teacher, receiving invitations to preach throughout Brazil. For him, the struggle to present Christ while also being in a ministry where people were constantly praising him got to a poi...
During his general audience Jan. 18, Pope Francis urged Christians to take risks to be close to those who need Jesus.
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Couldn't make it in person to The Truth of It Live in Sydney? Watch the first of this trilogy series right here! You'll hear a powerful message about stark reality, yet thrilling hope from Martyn Iles, ACL Managing Director. You'll also enjoy ...
This Q & A was recorded on 15 May 2019 from the Guardians talk: A Marian Twist to the Seven Deadly Sins available from Parousia.
This Q & A was recorded on 15 May 2019 from the Guardians talk: A Marian Twist to the Seven Deadly Sins available from Parousia.
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Sister Lucia re-buried in the Basilica in Fatima, Fatima Virtual.
The U.S. bishops undertook various matters during their 2019 spring assembly in Baltimore that weren't related to the clergy sexual abuse crisis, but they said the scandal had to be their top priority....
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These four extraordinary monologues exploring the names of God were among the most talked about and impactful elements of our recent Christmas Special. If you want to occasionally pause to let some of the words register and the truths sink in, we ge...
Fr Reece Beltrame is the Assistant Priest at St Michael's Cathedral, Wagga Wagga.
The Church needs to reclaim a sense of patronage of good music and art made by sincere, faithful, Catholics who appreciate the subject matter that they are communicating.
Enjoy the relaxing sounds of Peter Kearney. All songs from the CD "Make me a Song"
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Hundreds of Christians have been killed in the past years in Nigeria in an ongoing targeted attack by violent Muslim Fulani herdsmen. The Western Countries are not doing enough to stop this horror. Help ACN Malta in their mission:
How should the Church deal with any members who have abused vulnerable people? Fr. Aaron Zahra O.P. explains.
Jesus still heals people today. He is alive and is calling us to Himself, so that in Him we may have life. Fr. Richard McAlear reflects.
What is the New Age mentality and where does it lead to?
We shouldn't lose hope when faced with sex abuse scandals but instead work for the holiness and purification of the Church.
A little sacramental theology this week on 3MT! This Latin phrase reminds us that the sacraments don't depend on the worthiness of their minister.
In this video, Bishop Barron comments on his episcopal coat of arms, explaining the rich meaning and symbolism behind each detail.
Fr. John Brown, a Jesuit priest currently working in the Diocese of El Paso, TX, shares with us his vocation story.
'The scandals that we are hearing about damaged the whole Church. This wound was inflicted on the body of Christ.' Fr. Aaron Zahra O.P. Help TLCM create more Catholic videos. Visit
There are many great reasons to be Catholic! Here's one of them!
In this episode we discuss the meaning of baptism unfolding its rich elements through Scripture and symbolic insights from historical architecture. Listen in to more fully understand this sacrament and its significance in our lives....
What does it mean to be baptized into Christ's Kingship? The final segment in our three-part miniseries on priest, prophet, and king.
There are many great reasons to be Catholic! Here's one of them!
Pope Francis baptized 27 babies Jan. 13 in the Sistine Chapel.
Why was Jesus baptized if He was God? Find out this - and more - on this week's episode of 3MT