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Latest Videos: updated Today October 05, 2022
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There are many great reasons to be Catholic! Here's one of them!
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Friends, this week, our second reading is from Paul's Second Letter to Timothy. From prison, Paul writes to Timothy-the master to the disciple, the mentor to the mentee, the old soldier to the young soldier-and tells him to have courage, but to attac...
Some 1,000 young adult economists, entrepreneurs, financial advisers, scholars and scientists from 120 countries attended the Economy of Francesco event in Assisi Sept. 22-24.
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Most Popular on Roman Sky
The Church needs to reclaim a sense of patronage of good music and art made by sincere, faithful, Catholics who appreciate the subject matter that they are communicating.
We recently had Jules Sebastian in-house to style our Bohemian Rhapsody competition #somethingtolove. Find out more at
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Fr. Frank Portelli, a newly ordained priest in the Archdiocese of Toronto, talks about his vocations story. For more information visit
Part of what I find interesting about this question comes from the fact that I work in a creative field and many artists identify pot smoking as a source of inspiration because it can relax their restless minds and help them to focus in creative ways...
Cardinal Anders Arborelius of Stockholm discusses the need to protect the vulnerable amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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Friends, today's readings contain within them the theme of God's covenants with his people. God has made the whole of creation, but out of the totality of the nations on earth, he chose a particular people-the Israelite nation-to be "peculiarly his o...
Maryam and Marziyeh, two believers from Iran, were placed into a situation where denying Jesus would literally save their lives. Would you remain faithful to God, even in the midst of severe persecution?...
In this video Jonathan Doyle explores some of the most basic principles of what it takes to find happiness and begin to lead a life of purpose and happiness. The answer is simpler than you think.
Bishop Tim Harris is the Bishop of Townsville. He was appointed the sixth Bishop of Townsville in the Province of Brisbane by Pope Francis on 8 February 2017.
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Canberra Declaration
Rachel shares her experience with the power of prayer.
We realise that Go 2020 sits somewhat outside of our charter as the Canberra Declaration. But keep in mind that our vision statement says the following:
Join with us as we pray & fast for revival for 31 days throughout October 2022.
#GoodFriday #EasterSunday #Easter #Hope #JesusChrist James MacPherson, a journalist and social commentator, joins Cody Mitchell of the Canberra Declaration to discuss the true hope of Easter, its significance, and the centrality of the Cross to th...
Join us for 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting throughout Jan 2021. For more details go to
His Excellency Msgr. Jacques Behnan Hindo, Syriac Catholic Archbishop of Hassak'-Nisibi, Syria, speaks to us about the "role-playing game" which is going on in Syria today and the striking example of faith of our Christian brethren there....
The Centre for Child Development (CCD) is located in Bolgatanga, the capital of the Upper East Region, where high poverty and unemployment rates make it especially hard for young people to gain an education and earn a living. Child homelessness is al...
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Even today the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe surprises the world.
This program features Fr. Santosh Kumar Digal and Fr. Mrutyunjaya Digal, Catholic priests who exercise their ministry in the punishable and martyrial area of Orissa, India.
With a lack of education the numbers of early pregnancies, where the mother may not be prepared to nurse a baby or may die due to birthing complications are high in this part of Ghana. Children who lose a parent during their birth may be considered s...
Learn more about the Saint of the day and their incredible journey to canonisation! Today's saint is St Maria Goretti.
Learn about the message of Divine Mercy and the sister who shared it with the world, St. Faustina.
Forty days after Easter, Christ ascended into Heaven. Why is this important? What do we celebrate on this day? That's the topic of this week's Three Minute Theology.
Learn more about the Saint of the day and their incredible journey to canonisation! Today's saint is St Benedict.
Learn more about the Saint of the day and their incredible journey to canonisation! Today's saint is Bl Kateri Tekakwitha.