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Fr Trevor Tibbertsma is a priest of the Archdiocese of Melbourne.
Bishop Robert Barron looks at the popular anti-religious argument of innocent suffering by reflecting on the movie, "Miracles from Heaven".
Priests of the Archdiocese of Perth discuss the Catholic priesthood.
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Fr. Frank Portelli, a newly ordained priest in the Archdiocese of Toronto, talks about his vocations story. For more information visit
Pope Francis authorizes official pilgrimages to Medjugorje.
We don’t have a good translation for the word charity. Does it refer more to acts of charity, such as giving food to the poor, or to love, like we see in romantic comedies? In this Catholic Bytes episode, Fr. Conrad Murphy talks about the essential...
During his general audience Oct. 30, Pope Francis said the Holy Spirit leads the church in its evangelization efforts.
In the Middle East, concord and dialogue among the three monotheistic religions is based on spiritual and historic bonds. Today, many Christian communities, together with Jewish and Muslim communities, work here for peace, reconciliation, and forgive...
On the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, Pope Francis spoke about the need to pray for -- rather than complain about ' church and government leaders.
How to Live Well, with Jonathan Doyle - Jonathan says this is a tough, confronting tip, what to do when you don't have anything positive to say.
How to Live Well, with Jonathan Doyle. Whenever you're working on something really important, everything else - phone call, social media - is just a distraction.
How to Live Well, with Jonathan Doyle - Motivational thought - Be generous
How to Live Well, with Jonathan Doyle. What is one of the character traits that many of the greatest leaders in world history almost always have in common.
How to Live Well, with Jonathan Doyle. Most of us in recent years have fallen for the belief that technology will allow us to do more than ever.
Fr (now Bishop) Robert Barron comments on the movie "The Last Days in the Desert" - it's like so many "Jesus" movies of the past 50 years - a dull Jesus who could never have changed the world.
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Deep in the heart of the English countryside lies the enchanting village of Gladbury. Legend has it every 25 years an angel visits the village candlemaker and touches a single candle. Whoever lights this candle receives a miracle on Christmas Eve....
Bishop Barron talks about the movie about the famous athesit Stephen Hawkings and how God haunted it really is.
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We havent shown any behind the scenes footage or interviews with Jonathan Roumie, the actor who plays Jesus in The Chosen. We wanted to protect from distraction the experience of watching Jesus in the show, and we recognize its a delicate issue for m...
Unplanned is the inspiring true story of one woman's journey of transformation.
Bishop Robert Barron comments on the popular movie, "Risen", which is based on the story of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Bishop Robert Barron reflects on the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead.
Everybody experiences death. How do we deal with this uncomfortable fact?
Death Lent Easter
Raymond De Souza teaches all you need to know about Christ's Resurrection!