Privacy Statement

Roman Sky recognises that while many sites claim to take privacy seriously, personal data is often sold or freely given to third parties. As such, we hope to make clear our own position on the matter and cover all details of the information we may store from users and their actions.

Not only do we recognise the legal requirements to keep users details secret and safe, but we also take note of the moral obligations as well. 

Currently, the only information we store is user activity for the user's benefit. We do not require or ask for personal information such as name, address or any payment details. Our services are provided for free and the only payment options are for donations to either Roman Sky or the producers of our content. We do not ask for, or store, credit card details.
If you receive an email that appears to come from Roman Sky requesting any form of payment, please consider this as spam and delete it immediately. Roman Sky will never email any request for payment.

Contacting Us

If you have general questions about your information or simply need assistance, please contact one of our managers from here. For questions specifically about this Privacy Statement, or our use of your personal information, cookies or similar technologies, please contact our IT Manager from our contact page.

Collection of Information

We collect certain activities from our users automatically in order to personalise our services for them. Examples include providing videos based on popularity, trending, popular search results etc.

Activities that may be recorded include:

None of this information is given to any third party, though the producers of such media may request general information of their videos (eg: how many people have watched their material).
This information is never linked to anyone's name/details (except email contacts made) and is always kept anonymous. 
Our admins/managers can only see a generalised view of such information as well (eg: watch count, search results). It is not possible for them to isolate your activities. 

Use of Information

The primary purpose of collecting information is to automatically make changes to our services based on users' activities. For example, we use information to:

Disclosure of Information

Producers may request basic information of user activity (limited to their material), which includes view count and how their videos were found. No other information is disclosed.


Roman Sky uses SSL certificates to protect users from snooping.
Member's passwords are encrypted. 
We do not store any personal or payment details other than the email addresses of members.

Other Websites, Platforms and Applications

This privacy policy is applicable to all our websites, platforms and apps.


Cookies are a small data file primarily used to keep track of users by session identifiers. When you access Roman Sky, a cookie is created on your computer, linking you to your activity and/or to your account. Cookies are limited to the one site, and other sites cannot read the Roman Sky cookie.
Information stored by the Roman Sky cookie will include a random session number and your user details (such as username) if you're a member.

Roman Sky does not require cookies to function. 


Last updated: 5th April 2019