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This Q & A was recorded on 15 May 2019 from the Guardians talk: A Marian Twist to the Seven Deadly Sins available from Parousia.
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This Q & A was recorded on 17 May 2016 from the talk 'What's So Great About Being Catholic?' available from Parousia Media.
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In today's episode of The Van Maren Show, Gabe Deem joins Jonathon to discuss the negative health impacts of pornography and how porn changes the brain.
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A common question: Why do priests and religious make a vow of chastity? Fr. Luuk Jansen highlights the importance of this complete self-giving to God and the Church. From his personal experience we discover this important truth: The more we truly giv...
There are many great reasons to be Catholic! Here's one of them! Excerpts from "1001 Reasons why it's great to be Catholic" by Robert M. Haddad.