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Too often we think of discernment as the process of answering a question and moving on. But discernment is a way of life, the daily practice of seeking God and growing in our understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Christ.
The Priest's hands are anointed to heal humanity - a fragile humanity in need of Christ's loving touch! Special thanks to Fr. Alan Joseph Adami for this interview! Music: hooksounds.com 2018 All Rights Reserved True Light Catholic Media Found...
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Fr. Kenneth Chukwuka, a Nigerian priest who currently carries out his ministry in Spain, shares his experience as an immigrant who, deceived by the mafia, arrived in Spain. With In the Footsteps of the Nazarene, find out more about the situation face...
"I realized that there were certain Bible verses I could no longer preach around."
3m 33s
Fr John Bartunek tells the story of his journey to the priesthood on a Vocation.com video.
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A touching story of vocation to the priesthood.
A look at the history of how bishops came to be appointed by the pope.
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A short video of my Vocation Story, and my transition from a commercial pilot to a seminarian studying for the priesthood.
It was the night of the Last Supper, yet Jesus wanted to remain with us as if He had never left, so He instituted the Catholic priesthood.
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Bishop Tim Harris is the Bishop of Townsville. He was appointed the sixth Bishop of Townsville in the Province of Brisbane by Pope Francis on 8 February 2017.
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Fr. Frank Portelli, a newly ordained priest in the Archdiocese of Toronto, talks about his vocations story. For more information visit www.archtoronto.org
"We strive for things that are beyond this world - the reward that doesn't wither away, which is eternal life"
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Fr. John Brown, a Jesuit priest currently working in the Diocese of El Paso, TX, shares with us his vocation story. http://www.elpasovocation.com
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A touching vocation story to the priesthood.
Jesus tells us that when two or three are gathered in his name, he is there. For this reason, we are called to be in relationship and share our lives with others, building community and making God present.
In my twenties I kind of started to feel as if there was a bit of a void or an emptiness in the way I was living my life. Newly ordained Fr. Philip Mulryne sat down with us to share his story of how after a 13 year professional football career he ...
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Canon Don Elvir Tabakovi' was a world-renown photographer who travelled the world all before the age of 25. Then, he gave it up to follow Christ. Watch to learn his powerful story!
Archbishop Timothy Costelloe of the Archdiocese of Perth shares his vocation story.
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This Q & A was recorded on 19 March 2018 from the talk: The De-Christianization of the West.