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This Q & A was recorded on 14 October 2018 from the talk: Be A Man as part of the Family Conference hosted by the Croatian Catholic Community.
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How to Live Well, with Jonathan Doyle. Jonathan explores how the power of words can shape your world.
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Something to Think About with Paul Ninnes.
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Fr Terence Mary Naughtin OFM Conventual talks about how we should receive an infusion of grace into our souls.
For Christians, getting into heaven is our ultimate, goal, right? In a way, yes, but I think we want to careful how we talk about this.
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Join Fr Ricardo Pineda as he renews your faith and shows you all the great gifts God has given us!
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Cathy Kennedy is the Director of Encounter, Office of Evangelisation in the Archdiocese of Sydney.
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In our daily lives we face an endless amount of choices. Some are simple, but some are big and have a huge impact on our life. How should we face these choices?
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In this video Jonathan Doyle explores some of the most basic principles of what it takes to find happiness and begin to lead a life of purpose and happiness. The answer is simpler than you think.
This video answers some common distractions that keep us away from the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which is a channel of grace that restores our friendship with God.
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How to Live Well, with Jonathan Doyle. In today's motivational tip for the day Jonathan Doyle explores the way that changing your state can make a huge difference in the area of creating breakthrough in your life.
"Do not be afraid to offer yourself to Christ and He will give you so much in return... your yes to God's call will be a gift to yourself and to others." Fr. Philip Mulryne shares his thoughts on religious and priestly vocations and of...
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How to Live Well, with Jonathan Doyle. One of the common problems people face is the desire to please everyone. When you learn to say no at appropriate times you value yourself and also empower people to be in charge of their own happiness.
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We recently had Jules Sebastian in-house to style our Bohemian Rhapsody competition #somethingtolove. Find out more at www.vinnies.org.au/bohemianrhapsody
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How to Live Well, with Jonathan Doyle. Often when we are seeking success we can get locked into the daily grind and we can miss out on the fact that we are allowed to be happy.
Pope Francis spoke about dealing with doubt and anger through prayer.
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Heaven seems so distant, so unreal at times, like the fog of a dream that scatters when you wake. In this illuminating reflection, Dynamic Youth Speaker Chris Stefanick shows us why heaven is very real and very significant to our lives here and now.
It is here where you'll get the best marriage counselling and answers to your questions.
Most of us can recall a childhood memory of innocence and peace that only comes from God. Yet many families today don't have that peace. Weekly Mass can restore peace.
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How to Live Well, with Jonathan Doyle - Motivational thought - Be generous