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Fr Peter Brockhill is the Parish Priest of St Francis Xavier Parish in Marton, New Zealand.
Nathaniel Hurd didn't believe in God as a young man, but it wasn't necessarily because he was hostile to faith; he just didn't take the idea seriously.
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Fr Sean Byrnes is the Vice Rector of Vianney College, The Seminary of the Wagga Wagga Diocese.
"A relationship with Christ is the greatest romance you will ever have."
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Tom Peterson, Founder of Catholics Come Home, interviews an intellectual attorney convert.
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In our daily lives we face an endless amount of choices. Some are simple, but some are big and have a huge impact on our life. How should we face these choices?
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We may say it every Sunday, but what is a creed and why is it important?
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For some reason lately, my kids have become preoccupied with werewolves. Whenever there's a full moon, they all start to on and on about it, I think, so as to be reassured that there is no real danger.
Pope Francis spoke about dealing with doubt and anger through prayer.
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As people of faith, are we controlled by our traditions and regulations?
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This Q & A was recorded on 14 October 2018 from the talk: Be A Man as part of the Family Conference hosted by the Croatian Catholic Community.
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Deacon Harold talks about faith and science.
Is there a secret to having all one's children keep the faith? Spiritual Leadership Workshops by Katie Warner.
"If God is the God of all creation... we shouldn't be afraid of difficult questions... faith and reason should be compatible with each other." Listen to Fr. Philip Mulryne's response when we asked him why he thinks many people are ...
Fr Richard Umbers speaks about Post modernism, which is a reaction against logic, against any kind of reason, it is a philosophy which denies itself.
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In this presentation, Fr Rizzo speaks about the vices which can lead us to sin and how to best avoid them.
Our Church has always been blessed with amazing evangelists spreading the Gospel. But that doesn't get us off the hook. Each and every one of us is called to give witness to the Good News.
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Tim Staples chronicles his famous conversion story from a slightly different angle.
Ethiopian Cardinal Berhaneyesus Souraphiel talks to Westerners about faith and expectations others have of them.