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Easter is a provocative, even outrageous thing that we celebrate. It's easy to act casual about the claims of Easter because we've all heard them so many times.
Pope Francis, at his general audience, asked Catholics to meditate on Christ's crucifixion as a sign of God's love.
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Jesus said yes to the Father's plan to lay down his life for us, even though he could see everything he was about to go through.
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Bishop Robert Barron comments on the popular movie, "Risen", which is based on the story of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
There are many great reasons to be Catholic! Here's one of them!
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One of the most difficult components in the story Christianity is the crucifixion of Jesus on the Cross.
What is the opposite of Love? Selfishness.
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Bishop Robert Barron reflects on the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead.
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Enjoy the relaxing sounds of Peter Kearney. All songs from the CD "Easter Carols"
This video focuses on the Eucharist, explaining the connection between Original Sin, Christ's death and Resurrection, and the Holy Mass.
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I recorded this video as the Christian world enters into the holiest and most spiritually intense time of the year. The long season of Lent has prepared us to delve once more into the mystery of the dying and rising of the Lord Jesus.
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This was a beautiful reminder of just how willing people like you are to sacrifice for this show. For a show like ours to succeed, everyone has to contribute, and that happened big time on Day 14. Watch The Chosen on our free app: https://thechose...
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Friends, in this sermon for Palm Sunday, I explore three peculiar images in Mark's account of Christ's Passion and death, and how these details inspire us to live faithfully in the light of our Lord's sacrifice. Watch the Spanish versi...