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8m 20s
Bishop Barron comments on Pope Francis and how he has shaped the Church as a whole.
2m 35s
Chris Stefanick explains that, next to the ocean of God's mercy, your sin is a pebble. He died to free you from it. Let Him.
28m 31s
Sr Dianne Bergant shares reflections from Pope Francis' "Misericordia et Misera."
John Canavan, retells his hilarious life story of going from an stand-up adult comedian to a convert and the director of Divine Mercy Publications!
3m 44s
At the end of our lives, how will we be judged? Mt 25 tells us. And so does this episode of 3MT.
8m 23s
Bishop Barron talks about the Les Miserables film which is replete with christian themes.