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3m 41s
This Q & A was recorded on 17 May 2017 from the talk: Epic Food Fight.
John Canavan, retells his hilarious life story of going from an stand-up adult comedian to a convert and the director of Divine Mercy Publications!
5m 16s
Was Noah's Ark large enough to hold all the creatures? What does the Bible really reveal about the Flood and Noah that we might not have noticed?
16m 53s
Classical Organist Robert McCormick performs a stunning improvisation during his concert at Allen Organs' Octave Hall. Robert was given a sealed envelope with three themes and 8 bars of music from each theme.
Can I stay in bed and pray straight to God, or does God want me to go to Mass?
4m 28s
if you have ever sung in a Gospel Quartet or just enjoyed them, this is a real treat.