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Teenage pregnancy. For more real stories go to http://notbornyet.com/real-stories/
Music video. A girl who aborts her baby following her boyfriend's demands. But an older woman, who also had an abortion when she was younger, helps the girl to find healing and peace after the traumatic experience.
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Thank you Australia! You did it! Our Heart campaigns will now go ahead!
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The Van Maren Show, podcast host Jonathon Van Maren speaks with Melissa Ohden, a survivor of a saline abortion in 1977 that lasted over five days.
As the oldest of 12 kids, Shaun Reiley's Christian family instilled in him a respect for life from as far back as he can remember. However, he wasn't sure what to make of Catholics, other than the fact that he knew that they were pro-life.
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Pro-life speaker and abortion survivor Claire Culwell gave a powerful personal testimony to Kentucky state senators last Thursday urging them to protect the beating hearts of unborn children.
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91-year-old Joe Scheidler tells Jonathon Van Maren that it was during a speech he attended by Senator Henry Hyde in Chicago in the early 1970s that he became interested in the pro-life fight.
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Carol Everett, now one of the top pro-life activists in the United States, spent 13 years in the abortion industry during the 1970s and '80s before coming to Jesus Christ.
As a former atheist who became Catholic, one of the things that drew Nathaniel Hurd to the Church was its consistent teaching on the dignity of the human person.
Martyn talks: Dr Jordan Peterson, Martina Navratilova, Donald Trump on Abortion, George Pell.
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Johnson says that she "essentially coerced women into making a decision for abortion that was sacrificing their children. And I knew that that was incredibly unjust."
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This Q & A was recorded on 7 July 2018 from The Culture Project talk: Honey from the Rock, available soon from Parousia.
Martyn talks: Sonia Kruger, Euthanasia, Womb Transplants, School Freedom.
Martyn Iles addresses the Victorian State Conference and shares his views.
Episode #1 Season 3 of 'The Truth of It'.
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President Donald Trump used his State of the Union address on February 5, 2019 to deliver an affirmation of the right to life and a forceful denunciation of recent extreme actions and statements by pro-abortion Democrats in New York and Virginia.
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Bishop Robert Barron comments on the 2016 Superbowl Doritos Commercial that caused uproar with the National Abortion Rights Action League.
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To keep our pro-life and pro-family mission alive, we need your help to reach the minimum goal of $250,000 by September 27th. (Click here to donate: http://bit.ly/CampaignYT)