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Chris Stefanick is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and television host who has devoted his life to inspiring people to live a bold, contagious faith.

Recipient of the Papal Benemerenti Medal, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput calls Chris "one of the most engaging defenders of the Christian faith on the scene today." Chris's live seminars reach more than 85,000 people per year. His reality TV show, videos, and radio spots reach millions of people, and his educational initiatives are turning the tide in the Church. He authored the Chosen Confirmation program which has already formed more than 500,000 teens.


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Jesus said yes to the Father's plan to lay down his life for us, even though he could see everything he was about to go through.
Mass Jesus Death
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Chris Stefanick says if you're guaging the Mass in the way you guage entertainment, as if you're the audience, you're totally missing the point.
2m 12s
Everybody experiences death. How do we deal with this uncomfortable fact?
2m 35s
Chris Stefanick explains that, next to the ocean of God's mercy, your sin is a pebble. He died to free you from it. Let Him.
3m 16s
Chris Stefanick describes the evidence of God in the amazing world all around us.
1m 17s
Some people say "I experience God in creation, so why would I go to church? Nature is my church.'
3m 15s
Heaven seems so distant, so unreal at times, like the fog of a dream that scatters when you wake. In this illuminating reflection, Dynamic Youth Speaker Chris Stefanick shows us why heaven is very real and very significant to our lives here and now.
Do you blame yourself when your children wander away from God? Is it your fault?
You have a Mission to explode into the world with God's love, says popular Catholic Youth Speaker Chris Stefanick, he explains how the Holy Mass is meant to give you the grace to do just that.
We've all forgotten the most important part of human existence. Christopher Stefanick reminds us.
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Jesus said, 'Apart from Me you can do nothing.' We need God and we need others for everything.
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Hater, Bigot, Close-Minded, Intolerant. All these words are used to describe people who believe in spiritual and moral absolute truth. But nothing could be further from the truth... Shot on location in Melbourne, Australia.
At the end of your life, if there's one thing you won't regret, it's spending time with your kids. For more Real Life Minutes delivered straight to your inbox, visit
Chris Stefanick reflects on the life of St John the Baptist and how it should show us how to live our faith!
3m 44s
Chris Stefanick discusses how to answer Mormon missionaries.
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Calling all MEN...It's time to RISE! Can't wait to enter into our new 30-day challenge for men. Join me! Share this video and visit to learn more!
Why do Catholics have incense, beads, crucifixes, and all that "stuff"?
I don't have self-confidence - I have GOD confidence and I know I am a beloved son of God. And so are YOU.
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As we go about our week and face our problems, many of which are "first world problems,' let's remember the hope that we have in the resurrection of Jesus. Let's choose to be resilient like our brothers and sisters in Haiti, and when...