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For several years, I've been trying to appease a restless desire to do more with the incredible gifts of faith, hope, and love that have been instilled in me through Jesus Christ and his Church. I don't consider myself anyone's first pick to be a leading voice in the Church, but it seems we are in a season in which many of our leaders are more interested in exercising power than they are serving as Christ commanded. And many of our good leaders (our first picks) are overwhelmed and the reinforcements are needed to fill in. If you feel a similar calling, I invite you to help me by enlisting as a reinforcement for this work. With your support, I can expand those efforts and find needed collaborators in community.
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6m 49s
Easter is a provocative, even outrageous thing that we celebrate. It's easy to act casual about the claims of Easter because we've all heard them so many times.
7m 17s
As long as we are not perfectly good we can't have unlimited access to good things without the potential of being injured by it or corrupting it.
6m 52s
Yes, parenting is hard, but that's not all it is. But it seems like a lot of parents have become exclusively fixated on the difficulty and they've forgotten the reasons why it's worth doing.
8m 15s
Part of what I find interesting about this question comes from the fact that I work in a creative field and many artists identify pot smoking as a source of inspiration because it can relax their restless minds and help them to focus in creative ways...
6m 7s
The Church needs to reclaim a sense of patronage of good music and art made by sincere, faithful, Catholics who appreciate the subject matter that they are communicating.
7m 59s
One of the most difficult components in the story Christianity is the crucifixion of Jesus on the Cross.
7m 4s
You're not a liberal or a conservative Catholic. You're a Catholic. You either accept the whole thing or none of it. It doesn't leave you open to any other options.
6m 20s
Instead, we should be attacking their ignorance with more truth' which will lead to more freedom. The proliferation of freedom, not the restricting of it, should be our aim.
7m 41s
So the only other question for us at that point should be. Who's right. Does a more modern and relatable liturgical experience help us grow in faith and love or does the former traditional approach?
11m 24s
I've done a few videos on aspects of our Catholic culture, with a focus on liturgy and music, in the past and it's given me the opportunity to encounter some feedback, so I wanted to make another video addressing some of those sentiments.
8m 18s
Throughout the stories that compose Christianity's pedigree and history we are presented with the most unlikely cast of characters that are commissioned with the unrealistic expectations of God.
8m 20s
Let me start off by saying that I've really enjoyed getting familiarized with Dr. Jordan Peterson's perspective. I think he has a lot of great insights and I'd recommend anyone with an open mind, to check him out and listen to what he has...
10m 6s
For some reason lately, my kids have become preoccupied with werewolves. Whenever there's a full moon, they all start to on and on about it, I think, so as to be reassured that there is no real danger.
7m 1s
There are two aspects of drug use that I think are worth considering as part of this question. The first is that they tend to impair us. The second is how they can expose us to a transcendent reality.
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It's said that thoughts and prayers aren't enough and that if we aren't willing to act, we should keep our religious sentiments to ourselves.
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If you're a well-informed Catholic (which is primarily who I'm addressing in this video), you'll start to detect a theme throughout the narrative of our creation, fall, and redemption, as depicted in scripture and our theology.
10m 36s
I've done a few videos in the past criticizing certain persuasions within art and music, especially in the context of sacred art, and I have to admit, that's pretty easy to do. It doesn't take a brilliant or courageous person to debunk so...
9m 28s
If Jesus is the sacrificial lamb who takes away the sins of the world, as John the Baptist described him, then it would make a lot of sense that his sacrifice would involve eating him as well.
6m 39s
If we all have the desire to do the right thing, but aren't necessarily always willing to, does that mean that our desires to do the right thing translate into high moral inventory?
7m 56s
I want to build an analogy off of the idea of tyranny because tyranny could be understood as what happens when a small minority of people control the majority of wealth and power and then use that power to impose decisions with or without the consent...