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3m 26s
Ken Mervine plays Karl Jenkins' "Palladio" during a concert at Allen Organs' Octave Hall. Ken is playing on the Allen Quantum Q476 classical organ. Palladio is a composition for string orchestra by Karl Jenkins, written in 1995.
2m 6s
What do you get when you combine a former award-winning choreographer for break-dancing groups, 3rd degree Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor, acclaimed chef, TV and radio personality, and priest? None other than Fr Leo Patalinghug!
8m 15s
Part of what I find interesting about this question comes from the fact that I work in a creative field and many artists identify pot smoking as a source of inspiration because it can relax their restless minds and help them to focus in creative ways...
As much as we may want the fanciest equipment and best special effects, none of that will matter if our message is terrible.
28m 31s
Jack Knight interviews Sally Storch, who has a wonderful story to tell!
6m 52s
Before you start evangelizing online, you need to know where you're going, and WHY you're doing it. I suggest writing a mission statement and sticking to it.
3m 9s
The reactions of these teens really moved us and reminds us The Chosen has a broad appeal. Stream Season One on our app: https://thechosen.tv/app
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How to Live Well, with Jonathan Doyle - Treat rest and recovery as important as work. It will increase your productivity and creativity, and make you a nicer person to be around.
As Catholic audiences embrace new genres of film, the U.S. bishops transition their rating office to a more artistic movie review enterprise, but maintain the moral guide.
28m 32s
Come behind the scenes of the making of Santa's Priority, the "Keep Christ in Christmas"-themed evangomercial from Catholics Come Home.
3m 39s
The Chosen: The #1 Crowd-Funded Media Project Of All Time.
5m 43s
To help those making the transition from piano to organ, Allen Organs has produced another short video which explores the various Families of Sound that make up the organs' overall tonal design.
3m 22s
For the first time in The Chosen, Jesus gets angry.
1m 47s
Designed for smaller environments, in the home, studio, or a small chapel, HISTORIQUE' organs offer the flexibility of multiple organ specifications with an optional virtual library of organs sampled from world-famous classical and theatre pipe o...
9m 56s
Of course there are writers out there who are capable of creating good original fiction, but I don't believe I'm just indulging the cantankerous old man within me when I say, most fiction in all its various mediums is bad and getting worse.
6m 25s
Step-by-step guide on how to make a recycled 'Sockball' and engage children in an interactive way to learn about how balls are made in countries supported by Catholic Mission.