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"I remember, even as a ten year old girl when I came to Malta for the first time, I was totally struck by the beauty of the churches" - Madeleine Carrington "Although the churches are beautiful, we need to have faith and trust that...
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Fr John Bartunek tells the story of his journey to the priesthood on a Vocation.com video.
The Holy Stairs are revealed for the first time to the public in 300 years.
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We give you a peek behind the curtain of the infamous 'healing of the leper' scene from Episode 6. You'll see glimpses of the filming and the visual effects that made it possible for the leprosy to disappear.
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A sculptor who carves angels discusses why these figures inspire his art.
31m 44s
We just recorded this bonus episode of the "Word on Fire Show," a day after the tragic fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Listen as we discuss the importance of this magnificent Church.
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Canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalz explains the inspiration behind his new bronze statue recently unveiled in St. Peter's Square, 'Angels Unawares.'
What is a basilica? The first ones weren't churches. Find out more in today's 3MT from Rome.
9m 23s
Mr. Nelson Fragelli explains the theology and symbolism behind this jewel of medieval architecture, the stunning Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.
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I've done a few videos in the past criticizing certain persuasions within art and music, especially in the context of sacred art, and I have to admit, that's pretty easy to do. It doesn't take a brilliant or courageous person to debunk so...
Washington is filled with religious symbolism and sites that offer a Catholic adventure to visitors.
Wealthy French business leaders promise 300 million euros (US$339 million) to help rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral following the devastating April 15 fire.
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Have you ever done something that at the time seemed like a good idea but then after the fact, you realized, not so much?
As Catholic audiences embrace new genres of film, the U.S. bishops transition their rating office to a more artistic movie review enterprise, but maintain the moral guide.
23m 30s
Dallas is back with some updates for you, from our thoughts on current events to a sneak peek of the Season Two script to a recent Chosen social media 'controversy.'
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This week's 3MT tackles the common question: why do we have beautiful churches when there are suffering people in the world?
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Dr Peter Kwasniewski is a Catholic writer and composer of sacred music. He is a senior fellow of the St Paul Center in Steubenville, Ohio, and was formerly on the faculty of Wyoming Catholic College.
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The wonders of the Vatican unfold before your eyes: from St Peter's Basilica to the Vatican Museums and Gardens to behind the scenes footage of the people who work in Vatican City State every day.
An artist discusses his work and the importance of Christianity in modern art.