Welcome to CtP Media.

For over 60 years the public association of the Confraternity of Christ the Priest [CCS] has been living the mandate of Jesus Christ to "go out to the whole world and preach the Gospel", knowing that each person "who believes and is baptized will be saved" [Mark 16:16]. Adapting to changing media applications, the CCS has launched its digital preaching and teaching media. St. Paul's motif is also that of CtP Media, namely, '...faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes by the preaching of Christ' [Rom 10:17].

Before anyone can believe, there must be something for them to believe.

That something is the Word of God, which the CCS entertainingly preaches and teaches. But what is a preacher or a teacher without a disciple? The versatility of modern media provides interested believers with opportunities to know Jesus and his personal love for them. CtP Media provides the Gospel to everyone on a variety of digital devices.

CtPMedia now hosts and maintains the Roman Sky Media Network. 
Website: www.christthepriest.com

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