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Catholic Bytes comprises all CAST catechetical initiatives, each intended to offer all people the opportunity to know Christ and His Church through engaging and dynamic media.

Catholic Bytes was started by three priests, Fr. Gregory Gerhart (Austin, TX), Fr. Andrew Mattingly (Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO), and Fr. George Elliott (Tyler, TX), who saw the immense potential of modern technology for spreading the Faith across the world. They were specifically inspired to start the podcast as they were studying in Rome, Italy, where they had access to a plethora of expert speakers on all topics regarding the Catholic Faith.

What was intended to be a small podcast, quickly grew through the help of many collaborators and advisors, even to the point of collaborating with the Holy See on a project for the Holy Year of Mercy. Seeing the boundless fruits from this work, Catholic Bytes expanded to a full time media organization, September, 2016, establishing headquarters in Austin, Texas.

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9m 3s
The Church is built on a foundation of so many great saints who followed Christ to continue His mission, and thanks to St. Jerome, since early on in the life of the Church believers have had access to the Bible in their own language. “Ignorance of ...
10m 0s
We know what a spiritual life is, but whats a basic way that we can get a daily spiritual plan going? What does a daily prayer life look like? In this episode, Fr. Hanley offers tips and basic practices that anyone can use to get started in living a ...
10m 26s
What is the virtue of hope? How do the old stay young? How are these two things connected? Tune in and find out. Like our podcasts? Help us create more by donating here! ... for more, please go to
10m 1s
In this episode we discuss the meaning of baptism unfolding its rich elements through Scripture and symbolic insights from historical architecture. Listen in to more fully understand this sacrament and its significance in our lives.
13m 9s
Not many people would think that 2020 was filled with graces, but in this CB episode, Fr. Chris and Fr. Conrad talk about how they grew spiritually this past year and the graces God poured out for them (and all of us!).
12m 50s
Let's be honest, if you are Catholic...or even if you aren't, you have probably wondered why only men can be priests. Well, we tackle that question, and the bigger picture in this episode.
6m 36s
Alleged son of Sergius III and Marozia.
11m 0s
Some may think that this topic is not the most applicable to their practice of the Faith, but tune in and learn more about the importance of theology in our own lives! Catholic Bytes Podcast is a CAST initiative.
9m 16s
There is a desire in each of us to be the best version of ourselves. Fr. Christopher Seith explains where that desire comes from and how to attain it.
13m 55s
What is men's spirituality? Is the way men practice the Faith look different from how women practice the Faith? In this episode, Fr. Conrad talks with Robert Tunmire, President and Director of Catholic Men's Leadership Alliance. Resources: he...
1m 14s
It's never too late to become a Saint.
13m 19s
How is Catholic meditation different than the secular concept of mindfulness? The co-founder of Hallow, a Catholic meditation app, helps explain the difference between the two and the richness of the Fatih in the area of meditation. Would you like to...
9m 23s
The altar if front and center in churches, and that is for a reason. Tune in to find out why the altar is such a big deal!
13m 11s
No, we were not on a silent retreat while taking a break from podcasting, but Fr. Chris Seith was, and now he's back! Tune in and learn about this practice and what fruits poured forth!
12m 4s
We all have one, but what exactly are they and what do they do? Tune in to find out!
9m 33s
In this episode, Fr. Conrad talks to two of his college students at the University of Maryland about why they have faith. Tune in for some inspiring stories!
10m 30s
Join Fr. Conrad and Fr. Jordan Dosch as they talk some smack and the beauty of celibacy within the priesthood. What a combination that is.
15m 12s
You may have heard our first podcast on the COVID vaccine, that was recorded before the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith released a now, we update! Tune in to hear the latest!
9m 27s
Both Protestants and Catholics agree that we can't change someone's eternal destiny after they die, so exactly what is the Church's teaching on purgatory? Tune into this Catholic Bytes episode to learn about God's mercy and continuing...
3m 23s
Another Pope dominated by the Crescenti and eventually forced to retire.