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Friends, today we celebrate the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, when Jesus was baptized by John in the Jordan River. The baptism of Jesus was a source of embarrassment for the early Church, who wanted to portray him as a powerful son of God; but th...
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Join Fr Ricardo Pineda as he renews your faith and shows you all the great gifts God has given us!
Baptism is probably the most important sacrament that a Christian can receive as it takes away sins and initiates one into the Body of Christ. But is it really necessary?
Pope Francis baptized 27 babies Jan. 13 in the Sistine Chapel.
3m 42s
Did you know we are baptized priest, prophet, and king? What does it mean to be a priest as a baptized Christian?
3m 31s
In this episode of Three Minute Theology, we look at the very first sacrament we receive: the Sacrament of Baptism. What are the effects of the sacrament? Why do we have to receive it?
3m 17s
What does it mean to be baptized into Christ's Kingship? The final segment in our three-part miniseries on priest, prophet, and king.
There are many great reasons to be Catholic! Here's one of them!
3m 41s
What is original sin? Does it effect our lives even after baptism? That's the topic of this week's 3MT!
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In this episode we discuss the meaning of baptism unfolding its rich elements through Scripture and symbolic insights from historical architecture. Listen in to more fully understand this sacrament and its significance in our lives.
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Why was Jesus baptized if He was God? Find out this - and more - on this week's episode of 3MT