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This Q & A was recorded on 15 May 2019 from the Guardians talk: A Marian Twist to the Seven Deadly Sins available from Parousia.
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Imagine choosing between being a Secretary General of the 7th largest male religious order or a Bishop in Africa.
There are many great reasons to be Catholic! Here's one of them!
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How to Live Well, with Jonathan Doyle. Most of us in recent years have fallen for the belief that technology will allow us to do more than ever.
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How to Live Well, with Jonathan Doyle. Whenever you're working on something really important, everything else - phone call, social media - is just a distraction.
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How to Live Well, with Jonathan Doyle - Treat rest and recovery as important as work. It will increase your productivity and creativity, and make you a nicer person to be around.
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Whom or what are you blaming for your lack of results? The ability to face this question is crucial to growing.
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In this video I share with you the simple filter I use when faced with difficult decisions and circumstances. Often, we go seeking comfort, pleasure and avoidance when what we really need to do is step up and face the harder challenges.
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Are you facing a tough time right now? Do you feel like all your efforts are just not working out?
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In this quick video I share a simple insight that has helped me so much over the years. Most of us seem to think that the way to evaluate whether or not something is the right thing to do comes from our feelings.
I don't have self-confidence - I have GOD confidence and I know I am a beloved son of God. And so are YOU.
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Are you bringing a positive mindset to your interactions with others? Do you look for their good qualities rather than their limitations?
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How to Live Well, with Jonathan Doyle. In this video Johnathan explores the power of perseverance and what it can do to set you up for real success.
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Let us pray that those who administer justice may work with integrity, and that the injustice which prevails in the world may not have the last word.
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I am often asked how I manage to get up at 4am each day and get so much done. In this short video I share two really simple ideas that make sure I get off to the best possible start.
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Learning from adversity is never easy but it is an essential skill of anyone that wants to grow.
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How to Live Well, with Jonathan Doyle. Jonathan talks about the simple idea that we all need things in front of us to get through not just the tough times but also to live a full life.
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When first asked to share my story, I was reluctant. My gut reaction was to say no due to a natural instinct to protect myself from being vulnerable in front of others. But here I stand. Not for my own sake but in the hope that my story may be of ben...
There are many great reasons to be Catholic! Here's one of them!