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The Catholic Church traditionally associates the month of May with the Mother of God. During this month let us remember in a special way the witness of the Blessed Virgin Mary and seek to imitate her fiat, 'Let it be done to me according to your ...
Learn more about the Saint of the day and their incredible journey to canonisation! Today's saint is St Maximilian Kolbe.
Thousands of Iraqi Chaldean Catholics and other pilgrims converge on the National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation in Carey, Ohio, for a vigil and procession to honor Mary, and use this feast to annually unite and celebrate both their culture and th...
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On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto, we present "Mary's Victory: Battles won by the Rosary," a short clip that recalls historical battles won through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother and the Rosary. T...
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During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries there lived in Quito, Ecuador, a Spanish nun whose little-known but extraordinary life has a direct connection with our days.
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Fr. Luuk Jansen encourages us to trust in Our Blessed Mother. With Her by our side, we will never stray from God's will, nor should we fear when we have Her as our guide.
When Sarah Christmyer first became interested in the Catholic Church as an Evangelical Christian, she viewed the teachings on Mary as a complicated list of propositions that she needed to decipher and accept.
Growing up in the Christian Reformed Church, Dr. John Bersgma remembers visiting Baptist churches and hearing elaborate and far-fetched explanations of the events in the book of Revelation. He thought they were extreme, but he decided to give his rap...
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This episode of Changing Tracks is the first of two parts in which Christel tells us how she converted from Protestantism to Catholicism, and by doing so discovered the meaning to life as well as a faith that truly answered the questions she had deep...
Growing up as an Evangelical Christian, Seth Paine mostly only heard Mary talked about during Christmas. It wasn't until he started exploring the Catholic Church that he began to realize the extraordinary role that Mary plays in salvation history...
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Scott Hahn interestingly ties together the Old Testament and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
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Even today the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe surprises the world.
There are many great reasons to be Catholic! Here's one of them!
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Father Pacwa brings us to a greater understanding of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her relationship to her divine Son present in the Holy Eucharist. He then goes on to explain the basics of Islam, paying special attention to Mary's role in the Qura...
There are many great reasons to be Catholic! Here's one of them!
There are many great reasons to be Catholic! Here's one of them!
Chris Reibold didn't connect much with Mary or the saints as a young Catholic, and so he refused to make his confirmation and considered himself an agnostic for several years. When he came back to faith, he was amazed to discover the powerful wit...
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You young people have, in the Virgin Mary, a reason for joy and a source of inspiration. Take advantage of the World Youth Day in Panama to contemplate Christ together with Mary. We will pray the Rosary together for peace, each of us in our own langu...
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Why do Catholics all over the world honour Mary so much?
Pope Francis marked the feast of the Immaculate Conception Dec. 8 with a special prayer to Mary during a visit to a statue in her honor in central Rome.