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The first 45 years of Walt Heyer's life were destroyed by transgenderism thanks to his grandmother's 'fun' little decision to put him in a purple chiffon dress and tell him he looked cute when he was just four-years-old.
Wendy Francis talks about the impact of queer theory in Queensland schools.
Dr. Taylor lectures on subjects ranging from the origins and consequences of the sexual revolution, pornography, comprehensive sexuality education, LGBT rights activism, and the Safe Schools program.
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TFP Student Action interviews Dr. Michelle Cretella, M.D., president of the American College of Pediatricians. She debunks the lies behind transgender ideology with sound science and denounces the new wave of child abuse caused by the transgender mov...
Our weekly political newscast Episode #2 Season 2 of 'The Truth of It Martyn Iles talks: Israel Folau, Tasmania Birth Certificate, Nick Goiran, Movie 'Unplanned' Cont'd.
Managing Director Martyn Iles discusses the current attack on the timeless truths of God's creation.
Walt Heyer is a former transgender woman. He has since detransitioned and now runs a counselling ministry called Transgender Regret.
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In this episode of The Van Maren Show, Nancy Pearcey and Jonathon Van Maren discuss the deeply-rooted philosophical arguments underpinning the transgender movement, how it exploded in less than a decade, and the dangers it poses to our society.
Let's help stop the Gender Freedom movement.
Martyn Iles talks: Gillette Ad Controversy, Politicians are Resigning / Kelly O'Dwyer / Gender Quotas, School Freedom, Christians Prosecuted for Home-Schooling, The March for Life.
Ryan T. Anderson talks about the most difficult part of his book on Transgenderism.
An award-winning artist, whose work is held in collections around the globe, Bindi's work explores identity, traversing the line between the self, the cultural and the political.
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Please sign your petition to stop the immoral Drag Queen Story Hour for kids: https://tfpstudentaction.org/petitions/drag-queen-story-hour-protest Senator Rand Paul refused to vote to confirm Biden's HHS nominee because of Dr. Levine's pro-transg...