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Friends, Joseph Campbell and, more recently, Jordan Peterson are very interested in the Jungian archetype of the hero's journey. We see it all over the literature of the world and popular culture, from 'The Lord of the Rings' to "Star Wars.' But it i...
Pope Francis joined Indigenous pilgrims at a lake known for miraculous healings and encouraged them to lay their burdens on the shore.
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Friends, when I was rector at Mundelein Seminary in Chicago, we were very supportive of those who wanted to learn the Tridentine Latin Mass. But during training, we emphasized that the goal of the Extraordinary Form is not performance art, but rather...
Having concluded their study of 'Against Heresies' by St. Irenaeus of Lyons, Marcus Grodi and Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson look at some other fragments and writings of St. Irenaeus. They focus on St. Irenaeus' role as peacemaker, looking to resolve con...
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Matthew-Hermann Tague is joined by special guest Fr Dominic Nguyen from the Seminary of the Good Shepherd to speak about St John Vianney - patron saint of parish priests.
Pope Francis traveled from Edmonton to Quebec, met with government leaders, civil authorities, representatives of Indigenous peoples and members of the diplomatic corps July 27.
Highlights from Martyn Iles' talk on Creation's Blueprints at The Download in July 2022.
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You made 2021 a truly incredible year, from 2,000 fans at the Sermon on the Mount to our Christmas special in sold-out theaters. Thank you for making it possible for The Chosen to impact so many lives with the authentic Jesus. Look out, 2022... Wa...
The world powers are getting net zero wrong.
Speaking about the crises facing the church in Canada, Pope Francis urged Christians to allow Jesus to lead the way to reconciliation.
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Another holy and reforming Pope who starts to get serious about Italy, but struggles diplomatically.
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As a consequence of the pandemic and the wars, the world is facing a grave socio-economic crisis. We still don't realize it! And among those most affected are small and medium-sized businesses. Stores, workshops, cleaning businesses, transportati...
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People overcomplicate the search for "The One." They might say, "I have to have financial stability first." Or they'll say, "I have to have all my issues resolved first." But what if that means you're looking down-not up-when God brings you the ri...
In Martyn Iles' weekly political update on Vision Christian Radio, he discusses going to church with Israel Folau over the weekend, and how Israel's stand paved the way for the Manly 7 in the past week to take their Daniel-like stand. Plus the lat...
After intense days of meeting and listening to Canadian Indigenous and government leaders and celebrating Masses and leading prayer services, the pope joined church leaders July 28 for vespers in Quebec's Cathedral of Notre Dame.
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Tarsini from Indonesia experienced extreme poverty and crushing debts. With help from people like you, she was able to turn things around and transform her life. She now uses her newfound skills to help others. Learn more about Tarsini: https:/...
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his Q & A was recorded on 7 September 201 from the talk 'Freedom to Love'. Dr. Edward Sri is a theologian, author and well-known Catholic speaker who appears regularly on EWTN.
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LifeGiving Gifts represent a variety of mission projects supported by Catholic Mission around the world. By purchasing Life-giving Gifts this Father's Day, you are showing you care, while making a real difference for children and communities in need....
Pope Francis met with two dozen survivors of residential schools from Eastern Canada July 29.