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The Truth of It LIVE is finally coming to the cities we had to miss in 2021 with a special 'Babylon' trilogy. Full event and ticketing info: https://www.acl.org.au/babylon Follow links to purchase tickets to the following events: Sydney - Ba...
The Indigenous survivors of residential schools in Canada shared their painful stories over and over again with Pope Francis; the pope listened and apologized repeatedly during his July 24-29 visit.
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Friends, in his last speech to the priests of Chicago, Cardinal Francis George reminded us of something so simple but so important: "Gentlemen, remember that in the early years of the Church, there were no parishes, there were no Catholic schools or ...
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You probably don't know the name Jan Tyranowski. He was an ordinary man who lived in a Polish town. Jan felt God leading him to start a study group for young men who wanted to learn more about the faith, so he did. He led it for a little while, an...
The truth is, there is no 'indigenous' voice, any more than there is a 'white' voice.
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The first attempt to return the Papacy to Rome gets derailed.
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Typhoon Rai devastated many communities in the Philippines last year, impacting over 1.8 million people. Hear from Caritas Philippines Executive Secretary Father Antonio Labiao Jr on how your generosity is urgently needed to help rebuild lives aft...
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Help us defund Planned Parenthood here: https://tfpstudentaction.org/petitions/defund-planned-parenthood-forever Thank God, Roe v. Wade is dead. The decision to overturn it represents more than the end of a bad law. It changes the moral debate in...
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This Q & A was recorded on 17 May 2016 from the talk 'What's So Great About Being Catholic?'
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Support the channel by visiting https://brianholdsworth.ca Music written and generously provided by Paul Jernberg. Find out more about his work as a composer here: http://pauljernberg.com When Bram Stoker's Dracula was first published, it featu...
The Catholic Church has a lot of rules and teachings, some of which are hard to accept for some people. What happens if someone disagrees? Does every Catholic have to follow every teaching? It depends on what type of teaching it is. SOCIAL MEDIA: ...
As a Fundamentalist Christian, when Michael Kelleher began to be drawn to the Catholic Church, he had a sense he might end up there, but he still had a number of major questions. He shares how he worked through some of them on his way towards Catholi...
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Wilton Littlechild, Cree Chief and residential school survivor upholds Pope Francis' Apostolic Journey to Canada as an important step on the path to reconciliation for the country's Indigenous peoples and expresses hope that it will bring about a mor...
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What does it mean to be a steward of creation?
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Stephen K. Ray joins Charbel Raish to discuss his best selling book Crossing the Tiber. Steve is one of the most fascinating Catholic speakers around and is appropriately dubbed 'Jerusalem Jones' by the National Catholic Register. He discusses his co...
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Tom Peterson, Founder of Catholics Come Home, interviews a 56 year old accountant who spent 27 years away from the church!
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For more inspirational and spiritual videos subscribe to our youtube channel or visit our website. Our 24X7 streaming channel is available on our website as well as on Apple TV, Roku TV, Amazon fire TV, and Android TV. Submit your prayer intention...
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LifeGiving Gifts represent a variety of mission projects supported by Catholic Mission around the world. Just one of our Life-Giving Gifts that would be perfect for Father's Day is 50kg of food for families of people with a disability. Purchase your ...
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Amelia, from Singapore, was born into a family with taoist roots. Although baptized at the age of 14, she still had not experienced a personal encounter with the Lord.