Open Doors Australia
Open Doors Australia

Open Doors started in 1955 and now operates in over 60 countries worldwide. Through an active team of staff and volunteers, Open Doors exists to strengthen the persecuted church to stand strong in Christ where faith costs the most.

Open Doors Australia serves persecuted Christians through the following: providing Bibles and christian literature; training for leadership and discipleship; sustaining lives and supporting livelihoods; personal spiritual encouragement; speaking out in advocacy; raising awareness and encouraging prayer.

For more information about how to get involved, receive the latest news, and prayer requests from those who are persecuted, visit their website - - or email them at
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The top 50 most dangerous countries for Christians. Find out more about persecuted Christians:
Stand One With Them | Give One Day's Wage For The Persecuted Church.
This is Nashwan from Iraq. He lost his job when Islamic State invaded Mosul. Because of your support, we could set up a stone cutting factory and give Nashwan a full time job. Now he can provide for his family again! Your help makes a difference.
Maryam and Marziyeh, two believers from Iran, were placed into a situation where denying Jesus would literally save their lives. Would you remain faithful to God, even in the midst of severe persecution?
What does Christianity look like in Africa? Can Christianity thrive in persecution? Join us as Tim Reid, our resident World Watch List expert interviews Jo*, our Africa Field Communicator to hear some of her insights on the state of the African Churc...
We work in over 70 countries supporting Christians who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus.
When Boko Haram attacked Rhoda's village, her father was killed, leaving Rhoda to care for her siblings. But your help has made a difference!
The 99 and the 1. Have you ever though you might be the one? The scriptures talk about the sheep and the shepherd. The sheep hear and obey God's voice. We might hear God's voice, but do we obey?
The ministry of Open Doors is dedicated to helping the Church be the Church in the world's hardest places for Christian faith. Here is just a glimpse at some of what God is doing around the world through, and how He has invited Open Doors to take...
Join Murray as he looks at the story of the widow's endless oil 'How God answered her cry for help. Thousands in Northern Nigeria were forced to leave their homes because of violence from Boko Haram. Because of your support, we could respond quickly. Thank you! Your help makes a difference.
Join Mike for this week's thought from Isolation ' The Fruits of The Spirit.
For over 60 years we have been serving the persecuted church, enabling them to reach their communities with the gospel. We train pastors and church leaders around the world who disciple believers like Hussein.
Join Mike as he unpacks this week's Thought for Isolation ' How do you feel close to God?
Join Murray as he explores Good Friday ' how Jesus died on the cross for our sin.
North Korea has been the most dangerous place to be a Christian since 2002. Discover why in our latest video.