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"My Christ died for me. What did Mohammed do for you?" Faith and Freedom Forum from Canberra. Recorded live on 28 November 2018. Martyn Iles and Wilson Chowdhry talk about Asia Bibi, Global Persecution and the effects of Islam in the UK.
Pope Francis leads crowd in silent prayer for victims of attack on New Zealand mosques.
1h 18m
In this presentation, Robert Haddad focuses on the arguments used by Islamic apologists to support their claim of a Biblical Muhammad. Robert systematically dismantles the arguments, proving from the Bible itself that the expected Prophet and Paracle...
0m 59s
In the Middle East, concord and dialogue among the three monotheistic religions is based on spiritual and historic bonds. Today, many Christian communities, together with Jewish and Muslim communities, work here for peace, reconciliation, and forgive...
What does Christianity look like in Africa? Can Christianity thrive in persecution? Join us as Tim Reid, our resident World Watch List expert interviews Jo*, our Africa Field Communicator to hear some of her insights on the state of the African Churc...
When Boko Haram attacked Rhoda's village, her father was killed, leaving Rhoda to care for her siblings. But your help has made a difference!
'My Christ died for me. What has Mohammed done for you?' ' Asia Bibi. This quote started Asia's 8 years in prison. Martyn Iles and Wilson Chowdhry discuss this and more on the next episode of #VoiceForValues.
1h 7m
Father Pacwa brings us to a greater understanding of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her relationship to her divine Son present in the Holy Eucharist. He then goes on to explain the basics of Islam, paying special attention to Mary's role in the Quran an...
The Catholic Church holds Muslims in high esteem and encourages dialogue between Catholics and Muslims in every day life.
Charbel Raish, Founder of Parousia Media, gives his personal conversion story from Islam to Catholicism.
1h 43m
Fr Mitch Pacwa, S.J. explains the multiple religious texts and compares them to one another. Learn all about where they originate from in this extremely interesting talk about "The people of the Book!"