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1h 18m
In this presentation, Robert Haddad focuses on the arguments used by Islamic apologists to support their claim of a Biblical Muhammad. Robert systematically dismantles the arguments, proving from the Bible itself that the expected Prophet and Paracle...
59m 27s
In this talk, Robert Haddad outlines the claims of the so-called 'Mythicists', who assert that Jesus Christ was not an historical person but merely a myth or fantasy invented by deluded individuals in the first century AD.
1h 29m
Is Purgatory a man-made invention which implies that Christ's work on the Cross was not sufficient, or is it supported by Scripture and necessary?
1h 17m
This is one of the most perplexing questions that has confronted humanity since the beginning of civilisation. No one wishes to suffer; we all wish suffering could be eradicated from the human condition.
1h 11m
Are you confused by your friends or others as to what to believe? Are you unsure about Catholicism, whether it is the truth or not?
49m 10s
'Faith alone', or Sola Fidei, has been debated for centuries between Catholics and Protestants. What is sometimes missed, however, is the role of love in justification.
1h 8m
Robert Haddad provides valuable insight as to how to discern appropriately whether an aparition is from God, man or the devil.