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Fr. Jens Petzold, a priest from the "Deir Mar Musa al-Habashi" community, currently performs his ministry in Suleymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan. He helps the Iraqi people who have been displaced due to persecution and the present conflict.
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Sr. Maria de Guadalupe left Syria and now goes back as an ambassadress of Faith. This missionary, who has spoken so much about the persecuted Christians' situation, shares her experience of the mission and communion in Faith.
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A budding actress leaves her career and the open doors to fame behind to give her life to God. Some might see this as a total failure. But was it? Those who knew Sr. Clare speak in this film. After her tragic death in the 2016 earthquake in Ecuador, ...
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Today the Church celebrates the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus from the dead. Christ is truly risen in the flesh, in his body! He rises, not as a metaphor or a symbol, but he who was once dead is now and forever alive! Let us rejoice, for God in Chri...
Swedish lawyer Lisa Olsson is a Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers representative in Western Australia. They work to promote human rights and freedoms around the world and are engaged in high profile cases concerning trafficking as well as other human...
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Have you ever wondered what life is like on the ground in Cox's Bazar? Caritas Bangladesh is bringing you updates from the field of everyday life in the camps. For more information on Bangladesh: https://www.caritas.org.au/about/where-we-...
Stand One With Them | Give One Day's Wage For The Persecuted Church.
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The people in the Philippines are suffering from one of the toughest and longest lockdowns in the world. As the government struggles to deal with the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, the ultra-strict quarantine and social distancing measures which ha...
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After sixteen years in the Middle East, Fr. Enrique Montes, IVE, shares his daily challenges in the Virgin Mary refugee camp, the deep faith experiences at the Latin Cathedral of Baghdad, and the fears facing the Islamic State's still active slee...
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With a lack of education the numbers of early pregnancies, where the mother may not be prepared to nurse a baby or may die due to birthing complications are high in this part of Ghana. Children who lose a parent during their birth may be considered s...
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His Excellency Msgr. Jacques Behnan Hindo, Syriac Catholic Archbishop of Hassak'-Nisibi, Syria, speaks to us about the "role-playing game" which is going on in Syria today and the striking example of faith of our Christian brethren ther...
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Fr. Federico Juan Highton missionary priest in the Far East and founder of the Order St. Elijahmissionary in the Tibetan Plateau, makes us participants in his incredible experiences in the mission and in the greatness of the faith that he proclaims t...
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This program features Fr. Santosh Kumar Digal and Fr. Mrutyunjaya Digal, Catholic priests who exercise their ministry in the punishable and martyrial area of Orissa, India.
The ministry of Open Doors is dedicated to helping the Church be the Church in the world's hardest places for Christian faith. Here is just a glimpse at some of what God is doing around the world through, and how He has invited Open Doors to take...
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Fr. Ibrahim Alsabagh, OFM has exercised his ministry as parish priest and superior of the Franciscan community in Aleppo, Syria. He is also the author of the book Letters from Aleppo that gathers stories about war and faith, lived in first-person. Th...
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In the program "In the Footsteps of the Nazarene," you can get a close up on the missionaries who are most dedicated to serving the persecuted Christians. Fr. Luis Montes, IVE, has spent 20 years evangelizing in the Middle East, and 6 of th...
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The Centre for Child Development (CCD) is located in Bolgatanga, the capital of the Upper East Region, where high poverty and unemployment rates make it especially hard for young people to gain an education and earn a living. Child homelessness is al...
Our Church has always been blessed with amazing evangelists spreading the Gospel. But that doesn't get us off the hook. Each and every one of us is called to give witness to the Good News.
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With your support, St John's Primary School - located in Hakha, Chin State, in north-western Myanmar - is on track in its work to heal a nation through education.