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The Passion of Saint Joan of Arc is a documentary that has been released on the centennial of the canonization of the Maid of Orleans (May 16, 1920). This brave young woman with a unique mission reminds us just how important it is that Jesus Christ b...
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Br. Juan Carlos Vazquez, LC tells the story of his dad's miracle through the intercession of Blessed John Paul II.
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Something to Think About with Paul Ninnes.
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Chris Stefanick explains that, next to the ocean of God's mercy, your sin is a pebble. He died to free you from it. Let Him.
Everyone knows the big Franciscan names: Francis, Clare, Anthony, and Padre Pio. But the Franciscan family actually has more than 170 saints! Here are seven more you should know.
During his "Regina Coeli" address April 28, Pope Francis spoke about Blesseds Enrique Angelelli Carletti, Carlos de Dios Murias, Gabriel Longueville and Wenceslao Pedernera, who were beatified in Argentina.
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Read the story: https://tfpstudentaction.org/resources/prayers-for-students/incredible-miracle-u-s-marine-saved-by-saint-michael-1
Learn more about the Saint of the day and their incredible journey to canonisation! Today's saint is St Maximilian Kolbe.
Learn more about the Saint of the day and their incredible journey to canonisation! Today's saint is St John Vianney.
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During his visit to America, Pope Francis will canonize Blessed Jun'pero Serra in Washington, D.C. But who is this saint? And why is he so controversial?
When I look at my life next to St. Francis, it's hard not to feel shame. But then I remember something.
There are many great reasons to be Catholic! Here's one of them!
This week's 3 Minute Theology in Rome finds us at the Colosseum talking about martyrdom.
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A building spree in Rome and an Ecumenical Council in Nicea. ... for more, please go to http://catholicbytespodcast.com
As a Catholic teen, Chris Reibold thought that the saints were just pious legends and fairytales along with all the other Catholic "stuff" like Virgin births and miracles.
Each year the Church canonized new people saints, but have you ever wondered about the process behind it?
St. Francis of Assisi and Sultan Malik al-Kamil met 800 years ago and learned from each other to respect their differences and no longer viewed each as the other, a lesson that leaders in interreligious dialogue explored at a Nov. 7 conference at The...
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Catholic Mission's National Director Fr Brian Lucas commenting on the visit of the relics of Saint Th'r'se of Lisieux and her parents.
Chris Stefanick reflects on the life of St John the Baptist and how it should show us how to live our faith!